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Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife With Opinions

October 22, 2009 under College Football, Uncategorized

It’s amazing what a little success can do for you.  Just a month ago, our man, Gil Lock of Ryno Rife Sports Handicappers, couldn’t pick his nose.  So bad was his performance ryno rifethat we here at Rife With Opinions turned to his wife, Jill, to steady the ship.  But, now, after posting a 6-2-1 record over the past three weeks, it seems that people can’t get enough of Gil.  Here’s a sampling of a few emails we received this week.

from sallypipes-so thanks for the tip on Idaho.  It reminded me of a girl I once dated.  Is it possible we’ve met?  I think I went to school with a Gil Lock.  Did you go to San Giamino Junior College?

from 2dollarjd- …and used some of my winnings to buy coffee for the guys at work.  The dopey kid screwed up my order and dripped sweat all over the bag but everyone else enjoyed.  Thanks.

from harrychriscaray- … Holy Cow.  Me and Murphy gonna go out and get some women.

from northstar_CIT- … my boys at Hogs and Heifers got off you when you didn’t show early muscle but I stayed with you even though you failed to fire.  I don’t mind laying heavy wood against a bad streak.  I mean, you couldn’t be a dead piece forever.  That’d be like the Yankees losing three straight to the Royals.

Jill was no slouch, herself, last week as she posted her third straight 2-1 week.  Here are the lovely couple’s selections for Week 8.

Locks of the Week

Jill’s Picks

The BCS rankings were the criteria for all of my picks this week.  I selected teams that needed big, impressive wins to either move up or restore confidence after a poor performance.

Cincinnati -18   over Louisville
Florida -23 over Mississippi State
Boise State – 25 over Hawaii

Gil’s Picks

Alabama -14  over Tennessee I just can’t see the Vols scoring more than six points against Bama’s defense, especially now that the Tide is protecting a BCS title bid.

Washington + 10 over Oregon Classic trap game for the Ducks as they face USC next week.  Just ask USC if the Huskies can bite you.

Idaho +15 1/2 over Nevada Yes, I’m going back to Idaho, Sally Pipes, because they have too good an offense to lose by this many to Nevada.

Season Record- 16-10-1

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5 Responses to "Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife With Opinions"

  • ROLLININIT says:

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for introducing me to my favorite new contrarian…GIL, you SUCK!!!! D-E-R-E-K J-E-T-E-R !!!!!!!!! With all the loot I’m winning, I’m sending you a Jeter fat head. Thanks for your support, keep on pickin

  • Hawaiino says:

    University of Hawaii doesn’t win this weekend, I’m gonna ditch this plane!!!!

  • danny chinese food says:


    Can Fresno State cover the 24 their laying at New Mexico State this week after 42-17 and 41-21 wins the last 2 weeks ?

    Will my cousin Colleen claim she’s “Proud to be a BC Eagle (alum) ” this weekend after a trip to ND? I personally think BC wins outright… thoughts ?

    great column

  • Eddie says:

    Danny Chinese Food,
    As Gil is a guest commentator, he has no vehicle to answer posts. I forwarded your questions to him and he replied to the first with two words, “Ryan Matthews.” “The star RB for the Bulldogs is one of the best kept secrets in the country; managing to post big numbers against much better comp than New Mexico State. Fresno plays one of the better non conference schedules in the country and is always tough; even on the road. While their records look similar, they’re not even close. Fresno 45 New Mexico State 13.” As for your cousin Colleen, he thinks she’ll be very proud if she bets the over. “BC proved last week that they can put up a lot of points against a weak defense (ND qualifies) and the Irish have what I think is one of the best offensive units in the nation. How’d Va. Tech do against BC’s D? Give a slight advantage to Notre Dame, as BC just hasn’t recovered from the loss of strong safety Paul Anderson, who graduated last year after beating ND all by himself on Chestnut Hill. Don’t tell Jill I asked, but, is your cousin cute?”

  • MyFriendJen says:

    As a reader of your column on a weekly basis I have to say that I’m confused by the comment posted by ROLLININIT.16-10-1 is a winning record so far by the LOCK’s and if you have gone against those picks you would be 10-16-1? Right or Right? You must be pissed that you haven’t listened to GIL and had to take a “long walk” to help pay off your losses.Word of advice stop taking every favorite and the OVER; ROLLININIT b/c you are playing into the hands of the linemakers. But you might be the stubborn kind who just doesn’t listen no matter how many times people tell you. Cheerio

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