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First BCS Ratings Out: Bad News for Boise State

October 22, 2009 under College Football, Uncategorized

A look at the first BCS standings of ’09 reveals Texas as the team with the inside track to texas beats outhe championship game, Cincinnati as the team with the largest potential to move up and Boise State as the school dealt the toughest hand.

In knocking off Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout, the Longhorns vanquished the toughest opponent on their schedule and will need to fall victim to an enormous upset if they’re to be kept out of the Big XII championship game. They’ll be heavily favored over the North division champ and a victory would guarantee an invite to the BCS title game.  Their current position at #3 in the rankings is of little consequence as both Florida and Alabama are guaranteed a loss as SEC foes.

Should each of the aforementioned Southeast rivals get knocked off before then, so much the better for Cincinnati, who’ll leapfrog Boise as long as they continue to win.  The Bearcats still have BCS-ranked opponents in Pitt and West Virginia while the Broncos have no such matchup.  For Boise, the one slim hope to hold on to is that Oregon, a team Boise beat handily in its season opener, wins out in The PAC Ten.  Even if that happens, Boise’s chances are remote. Once Texas beat Oklahoma, the door slammed on the Broncs.

Game of the Week

TCU vs. BYU–  The Horned Frogs travel to Provo looking to enhance their BCS resume and, somehow, claw their way past Boise State and into a BCS Bowl invitation.  Currently ranked #8 in our poll, TCU knows that it can point to a decisive victory over the Cougars as a signature win as BYU has already hung a loss on Oklahoma.  It’s a tall order in BYU’s building, with QB Max Hall comes off his best game of the season. Hall however, struggled vs. the Horned Frogs last season in a two interception, seven sack performance.  Look for TCU All- American DE, Jerry Hughes, to wreak havoc on the Cougars.

CollegeSportsView Top 25

1) Florida 6-0
2) Texas 6-0
3) Alabama 7-0
4) Boise State 6-0
5) Cincinnati 6-0
6) USC 5-1
7) LSU 5-1
8 )TCU 6-0
9) Oregon 5-1
10)Iowa 7-0
11)Miami 5-1
12)Georgia Tech 6-1
13)South Florida 5-1
14)Virginia Tech 5-2
15)Oklahoma State 5-1
16)Houston 5-1
17)South Carolina 5-2
18)Penn State 6-1
19)BYU 6-1
20)Kansas 5-1
21)Ohio State 5-2
22)Notre Dame 4-2
23)Utah 5-1
24)Pitt 6-1
25)Texas Tech 5-2

Five to Watch

Oklahoma (3-3)
Nebraska (4-2)
Wisconsin (5-1)
Auburn (5-2)
Nichols (3-4)

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4 Responses to "First BCS Ratings Out: Bad News for Boise State"

  • Hawaiino says:

    The girl at Dunkin Doughnuts messed up the list, not me!!

  • Buck,Wham,Waggle & Punt says:


    Would like to hear your thoughts about the potential of a BAMA-Florida BCS rematch ? Hearing rumors that the loser of the SEC title game may still have enough to jump Texas.

    -Does Boise have enough of a resume to make the title game, if they and TCU go undefeated ?

    – Right now, how many teams will finish 12-0 ? And if it’s 3 will the BCS finally feel enough heat from media that they switch the system ?

    -nice column

  • Eddie says:

    We’ve seen sillier than that before so, I’d say that an SEC rematch is a possibility. In 2001, Nebraska was smoked by Colorado 62-36 in its season finale, didn’t even play for its conference title yet, somehow, qualified for the national championship game, where they got their jocks knocked off by Miami 37-14. The BCS could make its own life a whole lot easier with just one caveat. If a team doesn’t win its conference, its out. Seriously, without a playoff, how can you play for a national title when you can’t win your league? And I have no sympathy for the conferences like this year’s SEC that have more than one contender. They made the cash grab by instituting a conference championship game so, they must now live with the consequences. Personally, I think the SEC champ will play Texas; which will be a shame because USC would beat them all by the end of the season. As for TCU, if they win out, (don’t think they will), they’ll probably jump Boise because they’d have beaten two BCS ranked teams in BYU and Utah. Boise’s got cupcakes left. If Boise wins out and TCU loses, Boise will absolutely play in a major bowl (Fiesta?) but won’t have enough to move into the top two, even if the teams in front of them lose. Very sad. Here’s a question for the NCAA. How can you have a system that actually bans teams from championship contention? Ask Nick Saban if he thinks Utah might have given Florida a game last year. They handed Alabama their lunch in the Sugar Bowl. The system is embarassingly laughable but, since its profitable, it won’t change. Florida, Texas and Boise will finish the year with unblemished records, in my opinion.

  • Buck,Wham,Waggle & Punt says:

    Good points.

    If those 3 finish undefeated, it could be the BCS winner and Boise (pending a bowl game win) to finish 13-0. And it will be the second year the little guy gets screwed (*-see Utah-2008)…. and we don’t have a playoff system why ? Awful.

    Thanks for the feedback

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