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Bama Slips; Cracks Open BCS Door

October 11, 2010 under Uncategorized

Boise State and TCU Continue Uphill Climb

by Eddie Mayrose

As soon as the dust settled on the South Carolina Gamecocks’ upset victory over previously unbeaten Alabama, the BCS spin doctors kicked into high gear while trying to protect what they perceive to be the integrity of the controversial system used to determine college football’s national championship.

Strength of schedule is the most common, and tired, argument offered as the reason schools from conferences that don’t automatically qualify for the BCS should not be part of the equation.  As if a one-loss team from the SEC merits more consideration than Boise State, a team that’s lost but once in three seasons while winning  both of its BCS Bowl games. Or a TCU squad that was two seconds away from playing for last year’s title.  Had Nebraska held on in the Big XII title game, the Horned Frogs would’ve squared off with Alabama instead of the overmatched Longhorns.  Then there’s Utah, sporting a 9-2 record against BCS opponents since 2007 and, before Saturday,  the last team to beat Alabama.

Until a playoff system is established, (don’t hold your breath), the championship of college football will always be tainted.  Worse, the current system is little more than a conspiracy among the BCS conferences to keep the television dollars in their own pockets while college football fans are cheated of the games they’d really like to see.  As for Boise, TCU, Utah and Nevada, they’ll have to keep smacking the overrated BCS schools around and hope that someone notices.

CollegeSportsView.com Top 25

1  Boise State  (5-0)
2  Oregon  (6-0)
3  TCU  (6-0)
4  Nebraska  (5-0)
5  Ohio State  (6-0)
6  Oklahoma  (5-0)
7  Utah  (5-0)
8  South Carolina  (4-1)
9  Alabama  (5-1)
10 Auburn  (6-0)
11 LSU  (6-0)
12 Stanford (5-1)
13 Nevada  (6-0)
14 Oklahoma State  (5-0)
15 Michigan State   (6-0)
16 Missouri  (5-0)
17 Arizona  (4-1)
18 Florida State  (5-1)
19 Arkansas  (4-1)
20 Wisconsin (5-1)
21 Iowa  (4-1)
22 NC State  (5-1)
23 Air Force  (5-1)
24 Kansas State  (4-1)
25 Oregon State  (3-2)

Five to Watch

Michigan  (5-1)
Florida  (4-2)
Northwestern  (5-1)
Texas  (3-2)
Miami (Fla)  (3-2)

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