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Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife with Opinions Week 10

November 5, 2009 under College Football, Point Spread

Pad Lock Nails Point Spreads, Bails Out Uncle Gil, Prompts Return

Despite going AWOL following a winless weekend three days earlier, our boy Gil Lock of Ryno Rife Sports ryno rifeHandicappers still managed to be the impetus for a positive contribution to the family effort.  His nephew, Pad Lock, stepped in for his missing uncle and came up just a field goal shy of a perfect weekend.  He won easily with Cincinnati over hapless Syracuse and used his special version of mathematics, “Arifemetic”, to predict that the Western Kentucky-North Texas matchup would go over by 50 points.  If only New Mexico State had managed a three pointer in its 45-0 shellacking at the hands of Ohio State, Pad would be greeting his returning uncle with a spotless record.  Much like his Aunt Jill, however, Pad has been asked to stay on and continue his streak.  If only the same could be said for Gil.

It’s been a tough year for Mr. Lock, whose 7-10-1 record is dragging down the otherwise stellar performance of his family,  Jill turned in another 2-1 week; putting her mark at an incredible 13-5.  Asked where he disappeared to last week, Gil was vague.  “I was ashamed of myself.  It was my second winless week.  I’ll give it another shot this week but my confidence is waning.”  Touching, Gil.  Now put down the violin and pick some winners.

Point Spreads: Week 10

Jill’s Locks of The Week

Ohio State Buckeyes +4 over Penn State

–  This pick has to do more with cleanliness than anything else.  Gil took me to Penn State for a game once and it smelled like cow chips all weekend.  Besides, that really old guy that coaches Penn State will probably make everyone wear white again.  I mean, really.  White after Labor Day?  The Buckeyes win by ten.

Boise State -20 over Louisiana Tech

I know it seems like I’m picking Boise every week but, hey, they’ve been good to me.  If they’re going to a BCS bowl they have to win big so I’m staying with them.  And their coach is such a cutie.

Texas A&M – 4 1/2 over Colorado

Can’t believe the lines are so small over Colorado.  Not only do they stink, but the football gods have to still be mad at the head coach for benching his own son.  Meanie.  Last week Missouri was laying just 4 and beat Colorado by 19.  Go with the Aggies.

Pad Locks

Pittsburgh -19 over Syracuse

– Two years ago, uncle Gil took me to the Garden to see Pitt vs. Duke.  Pitt’s LeVance Fields blew up Duke’s Greg Paulus so completely that Coach K took him out of the game.  I remember telling Gil that the beating could only have been more embarrassing if Fields had been allowed to hit him.  Well, that’s gonna happen on Saturday when Pitt makes Paulus wish he was still wearing sneakers.  Pitt huge.

Fresno – 6  1/2 over Idaho

–  If there’s a team in the country comfortable playing on the road, it’s Fresno, who travels every year to play real competition.  Besides, how could I not pick against Idaho after their poor showing vs. Nevada sent my uncle over the wall?  Fresno by two touchdowns.

Troy-Western Kentucky over 67  1/2

– Yeah, that’s right.  Over 67  1/2.  Western Kentucky couldn’t stop an offense if they played with fourteen guys.  Last week they gave up 68 points to a North Texas team that was 1-6 coming in.  Troy might go over by themselves.

Gil Locks

Virginia Tech – 12 1/2 over East Carolina

(Tonight)-  Hate picking against ECU because so many hot girls have gone there but Va. Tech really needs the game.  Their athletes are way better, I love Tyrod Taylor and think that they’ll get a score on special teams.  I also like that the game is tonight because I need to get back on the horse.

Utah -27 over New Mexico-

The forgotten BCS buster, Utah has lost just once since 2007.  They still have TCU on their schedule and slim hopes for a BCS bid if Boise slips so they have to run it up on poor New Mexico.

Connecticut-Cincinnati under 52

– UConn has had trouble scoring against good teams all year and that should continue vs. the Bearcats.  Cincy’s offense is not the same without QB Tony Pike so I don’t expect an explosion from them, either.  I’m thinking along the lines of a 31-10 Cincinnati blowout.

Season Record- 22-16-1

Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife With Opinions

September 30, 2009 under College Football, Point Spread

By Eddie Mayrose

Talk about redemption!  Just one week after failing to fire with three dead-piece picks, ryno rifeour hero, Gil Lock, came storming back with a 3-0 weekend to even his record for the season.  He was so focused this week, so on point with his analysis,  that none of his games were close.  Rutgers, a 3 point favorite, crushed Maryland while both of Gil’s dogs, TCU and Virginia Tech, won their games outright.  Knowing how Mr. Lock had been reeling,  I called him early Sunday morning to offer my congratulations.

“Thanks, a lot” was his surprisingly timid reply to my compliments.  “It really wasn’t that big a deal.”  I was confused for a second until his lovely bride, Jill, picked up the extension and straightened things out.  “Of course it was no big deal”, she told me.  “No big deal for him.  I was the one who made those picks!”  ” Do you think it was easy walking around town last week as the wife of the guy who went ohfer?  I was embarrassed to show my face.”

Stunned, I asked Jill how she managed to achieve perfection.  “There’s this guy who hangs around downtown.  Sports nut.  Big fan of the Sacramento Maple Leafs, I think.  Anyway,  he’s always walking around in these crazy throwback sports jerseys and telling people he loves them.  ‘Jill, I love ya.’ ‘Pujols, I love ya.’  ‘Cutler I love ya.'”  ” He even yells it to our dog.”  ‘Neckbolts, I love ya.’  So, I just asked him to take a look at the point spreads and when he screamed, ‘I love ya’, I wrote that team down.”

Clearly humiliated, Gil got back on the line and confirmed the whole story.  “Things just haven’t been the same.  Now she watches football on Saturday and sends me for coffee. I’m so distracted, I can’t even get the order right.  It’s gonna be a long season.”

So, we’ll stick with Jill while she’s hot, (actually, she’s always hot but that’s another story), and we’ll make a decision on when Gil gets his starting job back later in the year.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll have an open competition.  But, for now, we’ll follow the early muscle.

This week’s Point Spreads

Nevada -3  1/2 over UNLV

 – Nevada finaly gets its hands on a cupcake after tough, non-conference games against Notre Dame and Missouri. Its vaunted offense, led by QB Colin Kaepernick, will finally get a chance to show its stuff.  I like the Wolfpack big.

Mississippi State +6  1/2 over Georgia Tech-

  State comes off a heartbreaker in Baton Rouge and must battle a letdown vs. the Yellowjackets.  It’s more a preference of conference here, as the SEC is clearly better than the ACC.  Take the Bulldogs at home.

South Florida -6  1/2 over Syracuse-

  Never like laying points on the road with a team coming off of  a huge win but can’t resist here as Syracuse is so bad.  Greg Paulus has shown less as a quarterback than he did as a point guard; no small task.  Frosh QB B.J. Walters will give the Bulls an easy conference win.  I also like South Florida because Gil likes Syracuse.

Season Record: 6-6

Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife With Opinions

September 23, 2009 under College Football, Point Spread

That was certainly a stinker of a weekend thrown at us by Gil Lock as he proceeded toryno rife go a pathetic 0-3 with his selections.  He started out well enough, as Army took a noon kickoff from Ball State and marched down the field on its opening drive for a 7-0 lead.  However, Ball State answered with a TD of its own and things went south from there for our good Mr. Lock.  Army won the game 24-17 but failed to cover the 7 1/2 point spread.  Baylor, matched up with one of Gil’s least favorite teams; Connecticut, turned everything around as the Bears lost by ten as a ten point favorite.  Memo to Gil: Maybe UConn isn’t so bad.  Finally, the Toledo Rockets failed to fire in their battle with Ohio State.  The Buckeyes dominated to the tune of 38-0 and made a mockery of Mr. Lock’s affinity for the Mid America Conference.  Maybe they’ll send their Men’s football team to Columbus next time.  So, if you’re scoring at home, or worse; with your bookie, old Gil came up one short of the famous “blind squirrel.”  It’ll take a lot of work to restore our faith and get back in our good graces but Lock assures me he’s up to the task.  Let’s see who he’s chosen to lead him out of the darkness and into the light.  Go ahead, Gil.  Let out the leash.

TCU + 3 over Clemson

When BYU got knocked off by Florida State it cleared the way for TCU to rise out of the Mountain West and claim a BCS Bowl bid.  The # 12 Horned Frogs know it’ll take an undefeated season to get there so they’ll be ready for Clemson in Death Valley.  Take the points.

Rutgers – 3 over Maryland

In the BCS food chain, the ACC and Big East clearly find themselves at the bottom. (Although, I think they’re both better than the Big Ten.)  The two conferences butt heads in this matchup with Rutgers looking to make a post season statement.  I’m not a huge fan of the Sacrlet Knights but they’re Opening Day loss to Cincinnati doesn’t look so bad anymore and Maryland lost at home last week to Middle Tennessee.

Virginia Tech + 2 over Miami

While the Hurricanes have made a huge impression with wins over ranked teams in their first two games, the Hokies haven’t exactly been playing the Little Sisters of the Poor.  They hung with #4 Alabama into the 4th QTR and knocked off # 21 Nebraska last week.  I think Va. Tech is the better team, they’re at home and everyone likes Miami.

Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife With Opinions

September 17, 2009 under College Football, Point Spread, Uncategorized

Have to say, our boy, Gil Lock, was Rife with some accurate opinions last week.  ryno rifeBowling Green led into the fourth quarter against Missouri before losing by seven; the final margin much closer to Lock’s line of 11 than the 19 you’d have had to lay in Vegas. Then, despite most of the world expecting a big USC victory, Ohio State was in command of their matchup until the final minute when USC found the end zone and escaped The Horseshoe with a narrow 18-15 win. A tough decision for the Buckeye faithful to handle but a pretty one for those like Lock that took the 6 1/2. The only blemish on the record was North Carolina, who registered a 12-10 win over UConn but failed to cover the 4 1/2 point margin.  Let’s see if Gil can grab that elusive three game sweep this week.

Toledo +20  1/2 over Ohio State- I’m letting my bias for the MAC Conference show, I know, but I’m really impressed by Toledo.  They crushed Colorado last week; mainly because their three receivers are lightning quick.  I don’t think the Buckeye corners are fast enough to shut them down and Big Ten teams historically struggle against the spread offense.  It’s also probable that Ohio State will suffer a bit of a letdown after last week’s heartbreaker vs. USC.  They’ll win, but not by three TD’s.

Baylor -10  1/2 over Connecticut- If it isn’t already obvious, I don’t think much of UConn.  They did little to change that opinion last week when they only managed what amounted to a defensive TD vs. North Carolina.  Baylor is a solid team flying under the radar in a conference loaded with Top 25 teams.  I’m counting on the fact that the line is off because no one knows them.  In another conference, Baylor QB Robert Griffin would be First Team.  Go with the Bears.

Army -7  1/2 over Ball State- Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.  I don’t know much about Ball State and even less about Army but I don’t think the Black Knights of the Hudson have been favored by that much over anyone since my Grandpa Rife wore his coonskin coat to West Point to see Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis.

Season Record 3-3

Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife With Opinions

September 10, 2009 under College Football, Point Spread

It was a rough start for Gil Lock of Ryno Rife Sports Handicappers as his selections were a less than stellar 1-2.  He ryno-rife5won with Oklahoma State and looked good for awhile with Virginia Tech until Alabama decided to run it up in the fourth quarter.  The North Carolina State selection was the one with the most severe consequences, as it forced anyone with a financial stake to stay with the 7-3 yawner through its conclusion. With a week under his belt, Gil seems very confident that he’s approaching his regular season form. We’ll see for ourselves, as he’s got three more for us this Saturday.

Bowling Green + 17 ½ over Missouri–   Here’s one where I really feel the line is valued incorrectly.  In my mind, had this matchup occurred before Missouri had so easily dispatched Illinois, the line would have been 11 or 12.  I’m a big fan of the MAC and think Bowling Green can be competitive against a team that could suffer a letdown after a big season opener.  Take the points.

North Carolina – 4 ½ over UConn– UConn is really feeling the loss of RB Donald Brown.   I don’t think that Huskies’ QB, Zach Frazer, will have any success throwing the ball, as evidenced by his 11-24 performance vs. Ohio.   That’ll allow UNC to put seven and eight players in the box.  This is Butch Davis’ fourth year in Chapel Hill and the first with a team recruited entirely by his staff. I think they’ll be in the conversation for the ACC title, especially after what we saw Monday night from Florida State.  I like Carolina here.

Ohio State +6 ½ over USC– Don’t jump off the Buckeye bandwagon just yet.  At first glance, off of their respective openers, Ohio State doesn’t seem to have a chance.  But, I’m willing to believe they were looking ahead against a Navy team that’s better than a lot of people think, especially with soph John Dowd working his way into the O Line.  Everyone and his brother likes USC, which is usually reason enough for me to go the other way.  And how many times do you see a Top Ten team listed as a 6 1/2 point underdog at home, facing a true freshman QB?  I’ll take the Bucks, especially since they know, given how weak the Big Ten is, that a win here may sew up a BCS title matchup.

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