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Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife With Opinions-Week 10

November 6, 2010 under College Football, Uncategorized

Jill Returns After Gil Flops

by CollegeSportsView.com

It was a tough October for our friend, Gil Lock, of Ryno Rife Sports Handicappers.  After removing his wife, Jill, from the weekly rotation of experts, Gil found things quite frosty in the bedroom.  At first, the couch seemed to agree with Gil as he turned in a perfect week.  Things looked even brighter after Jill’s replacement, Johnny Duduguanda, was 2-1 over the same period. “Things were pretty good for a week”, said Gil. “But, when we failed to fire in week two and turned in an 0-6 debacle, it was either Jill or the torpedo. Duduguanda had to go.”

We’ll see how wedded bliss affects the picks this week.

Locks of the Week- Season (42-28-4)

Gil Lock (14-9-1)
California – 14 1/2 over Washington State–  Cal has run up the score on every weak opponent they’ve faced and Wazzou is among the weakest.

TCU -4 1/2 over Utah– The biggest game on the schedule this week, even if the BCS computers won’t say so.  THe Frogs D will extinguish the Utes’ title hopes.

Northwestern +6 over Penn State– The Wildcats walk into Happy Valley and ruin JoePa’s 135th birthday.

Jill Lock (10-8)
Boise State-Hawaii over 65 1/2– After three weeks off, I’ll rely on my cutie-pies to get me back on the winning track. First up, Boise’s Coach Pete.  If only I’d met him before Gil.

Nevada -11 over Idaho– Cutie-pie number two, Colin Kapernick, runs all over the Vandals to give me a big win.

UNLV +18 over BYU– The Cougars have been miserable this year; can’t see them beating anyone by this much.

Pad Lock (16-7-3)

Florida -14 over Vanderbilt– Urban Meyer’s crew is no powerhouse, but they’re no slouch either. They should have no problem with a Vandy team that would struggle with the Elmwood Park Pee-Wee Bombers. Lay the points.

Oregon -35  over Washington -Washington ends its four game stretch vs the four nationally ranked Pac 10 powerhouses (Oregon State, Arizona, Stanford, and now Oregon). Hope the flight home shows a good movie, because that’s all Washington will enjoy on Saturday. Look for Oregon to flex it muscles on defense, and show off on offense. A deadly combo.

Arizona- Stanford Over 56-On the theory that good offenses score on good defenses.

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Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife With Opinions Week 7

October 15, 2010 under College Football, Uncategorized

Marital Strife As Gil Benches Wife

by CollegeSportsView.com

Our fair haired boy, Gil Lock, of Ryno Rife Sports Handicappers, made an executive decision on behalf of his team that will likely carry dire consequences on the homefront.  After two straight winless weeks, Gil has replaced his bride, the lovely Jill Lock, as one of his college football experts.

“It wasn’t that tough a decision”, said Gil.  “We can’t have someone going 0-6 over two weeks. On top of that, she put my butt on the bench last season when I couldn’t pick a winner to save my bolts. Turnabout is fair play.  Fair or not, though, she didn’t take it very well.  Looks like the action on the football field will be the only action I’ll be worried about for awhile.”

When asked who would be stepping in, Gil revealed an odd solution.  “I have a very loyal follower that I often run into around the neighborhood.  Usually he’s in the pork store or OTB and he always stops to talk about college football.  So, I decided to give him a shot.  We’ll keep an eye on Jill and put her back in the lineup when she gets back on track.  Until then, meet Johhny Dudaguanda.”

Locks of the Week (32-18-4)

 Gil Lock (11-6-1)

Kansas State -3 over Kansas– The Jayhawks have struggled under new coach Turner Gill.  My only hesitation is that the game is in Lawrence but State coach Bill Snyder doesn’t lose Big XII games that he’s supposed to win.

Army +7 over Rutgers– Things get tighter for RichRod as the Wolverines head into the teeth of their schedule.

Iowa – 3 1/2 over Michigan– The bulldogs have to pretty angry over last week’s debacle at Hawaii. New Mexico State is terrible.  Lay the wood.

 Johnny Dudaguanda (0-0-0)

Georgia -15 over Vanderbilt– I usually try to stay out of the South since my cousin bailed a friend and me out of some legal trouble a few years back, but I learned my lesson after Jill picked Vandy two weeks ago.  What a dead piece!  They got smoked by UConn; Georgia should kill ’em.  Go Dawgs.

Boise State -39 1/2 over San Jose State- Our weekly Boise pick, as the Broncos must run up the score on every opponent.

Nevada-Hawaii Over 74–  Really?  74?  What is this, a freakin’ basketball game?


Pad Lock (10-5-3)

Southern Miss -14 1/2 over Memphis –  So. Miss has put up 40+ the past two weeks, and while they don’t have the ’85 Bears defense, I’m confident they’ll contain dreadful Memphis.  Maybe if the Tigers cheated like their basketball team

Alabama-Mississippi Under 55– Bama should still be livid that they let their title hopes slip away last week, and their defense should be wide awake because of it. Expect Saban’s crew to smother Mississippi. Bama’s run offense will also help the cause, eating clock once the lead’s safe.

UTEP +2 1/2 over UAB– Let me get this straight, a 5-1 UTEP team is getting  points from 1-4 UAB team with losses to Florida Atlantic and UCF on its schedule ?  

Utah -20 1/2 over Wyoming–  This is just laughable. Uncle Gil would have Utah at -4 TDs at least.  Jump all over this one.

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Bama Slips; Cracks Open BCS Door

October 11, 2010 under Uncategorized

Boise State and TCU Continue Uphill Climb

by Eddie Mayrose

As soon as the dust settled on the South Carolina Gamecocks’ upset victory over previously unbeaten Alabama, the BCS spin doctors kicked into high gear while trying to protect what they perceive to be the integrity of the controversial system used to determine college football’s national championship.

Strength of schedule is the most common, and tired, argument offered as the reason schools from conferences that don’t automatically qualify for the BCS should not be part of the equation.  As if a one-loss team from the SEC merits more consideration than Boise State, a team that’s lost but once in three seasons while winning  both of its BCS Bowl games. Or a TCU squad that was two seconds away from playing for last year’s title.  Had Nebraska held on in the Big XII title game, the Horned Frogs would’ve squared off with Alabama instead of the overmatched Longhorns.  Then there’s Utah, sporting a 9-2 record against BCS opponents since 2007 and, before Saturday,  the last team to beat Alabama. Click here to read more.. »

Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife with Opinions -Week 6

October 7, 2010 under Uncategorized

“It Just Doesn’t Matter”

by CollegeSportsView.com

Had a riotous conversation the other day with our good friend, Gil Lock, of Ryno Rife Sports Handicappers. Turns out that, not only did Gil turn in a perfect 3-0 for CollegeSportsview.com last weekend, but he liked five other games, as well, each of which was also a winner.  However, Gil’s perfect Saturday wasn’t enough to help a hapless old friend who just won’t listen.  I’ll let Gil take it from here.

“I have a good friend; much older than I am, who I met way back when I was a teenager.  I was a counselor in training (CIT) at North Star summer camp somewhere in northern New England.  Tripper was one of the counselors there; the kind of guy all the kids liked.  I can’t remember what he did in the winter; I think he drove a beer truck.”  Click here to read more.. »

Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife With Opinions Week Four

September 25, 2010 under College Football, Uncategorized

Locks Stretch Weekly Winning Streak To Three

by CollegeSportsView.com

Don’t know that anything beside the Buffalo Wings at Pipin’s Pub are hotter than our favorite College Football handicappers, the Lock family.  Patriarch Gil Lock, his wife, Jill and nephew Pad, continued their winning ways last week with a 5-3-1 week that raised the season record to 20-5-2 against the spread.  That tie was on Pad’s ledger, as USC coach Lane Kiffin inexplicably attempted a two point conversion that would have put the Trojans up 34-14 with 6:00 left vs. Minnesota.  “I couldn’t believe it”, wailed Pad. “As soon as it happened, I knew Minnesota would score a garbage TD and cost me the win.  Now I’m behind Uncle Gil, something he’s not going to let me forget.”

Tough luck for Pad but, if a little family competition keeps the Locks on their game, so much the better for the rest of us.  Here’s how they see Week 4. Click here to read more.. »

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