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Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife with Opinions -Week 6

October 7, 2010 under Uncategorized

“It Just Doesn’t Matter”

by CollegeSportsView.com

Had a riotous conversation the other day with our good friend, Gil Lock, of Ryno Rife Sports Handicappers. Turns out that, not only did Gil turn in a perfect 3-0 for CollegeSportsview.com last weekend, but he liked five other games, as well, each of which was also a winner.  However, Gil’s perfect Saturday wasn’t enough to help a hapless old friend who just won’t listen.  I’ll let Gil take it from here.

“I have a good friend; much older than I am, who I met way back when I was a teenager.  I was a counselor in training (CIT) at North Star summer camp somewhere in northern New England.  Tripper was one of the counselors there; the kind of guy all the kids liked.  I can’t remember what he did in the winter; I think he drove a beer truck.”  Click here to read more.. »

Ahead of the Point Spread: Rife With Opinions Week Four

September 25, 2010 under College Football, Uncategorized

Locks Stretch Weekly Winning Streak To Three

by CollegeSportsView.com

Don’t know that anything beside the Buffalo Wings at Pipin’s Pub are hotter than our favorite College Football handicappers, the Lock family.  Patriarch Gil Lock, his wife, Jill and nephew Pad, continued their winning ways last week with a 5-3-1 week that raised the season record to 20-5-2 against the spread.  That tie was on Pad’s ledger, as USC coach Lane Kiffin inexplicably attempted a two point conversion that would have put the Trojans up 34-14 with 6:00 left vs. Minnesota.  “I couldn’t believe it”, wailed Pad. “As soon as it happened, I knew Minnesota would score a garbage TD and cost me the win.  Now I’m behind Uncle Gil, something he’s not going to let me forget.”

Tough luck for Pad but, if a little family competition keeps the Locks on their game, so much the better for the rest of us.  Here’s how they see Week 4. Click here to read more.. »

With Trouble Brewing for USC Football, Carroll Splits

January 13, 2010 under College Football, Uncategorized

by Eddie Mayrose

USC Football Program Left Holding The Bag

As has become tradition in college sports whenever the NCAA investigators show up, Pete Carroll, Head Coach of pete_carrollthe USC Trojans, beat it out of town a step ahead of the sheriff.  Laughably, Carroll denied that the  investigation into his USC Football program had any bearing on his decision, citing opportunity as the only reason for his departure to the Seattle Seahawks.  The fact remains, however, that the three year probe into alleged infractions involving payments made by boosters to USC stars Reggie Bush and Joe McKnight has been concluded, with the NCAA Committee on Infractions scheduled to announce its findings in late February.

Carroll is merely the latest coach to turn tail once improprieties have been exposed.  These snake oil salesmen jump at the first job offer made to them once it all hits the fan, leaving their former players and employers holding the bag.  Now, the universities are just as culpable as the coach due to their responsibility for their own compliance with NCAA regulations.  But what of the players that committed, not only to the university, but the coach himself?  A coach that sat in their living rooms and promised their parents that he’d take care of their sons.  What becomes of them?

Right now, they have but two options: stay or transfer.  Stay; and take the chance that the new coach, one that did not recruit them, owes them no loyalty and may espouse a system not suited for their talents or transfer to another school and sit out an entire season.  Some choice.

When will the NCAA, charged with protecting the best interests of these student athletes, realize the gross inequity that currently exists?  There is no way to prevent a coach from moving to another school; nor should there be, as many more of these changes are legitimate upward moves than not.  However, the NCAA can easily establish two rules that give the player some security.

First, make the coach carry the sanction with him to his new job.  USC gets two years probation?  Carroll’s new employer goes on probation for the same amount of time should he ever return to the college ranks. Think that’ll promote compliance?  How hard would the University of Kentucky have pursued John Calipari if the sanctions against the Memphis basketball program would be theirs, as well?  Second, and most importantly, allow the player to transfer without sitting a year whenever the coach leaves; no matter the reason.  Why punish them for infractions committed before they even arrived on campus?

Unfortunately, there is collateral damage with each of these moves. After just one season as Tennessee kiffinFootball coach, Lane Kiffin takes over for Carroll, leaving behind an entire class of kids that came to Knoxville after being promised by Kiffin that he would be their coach.  Worse, there are nine high school recruits committed to Tennessee that graduated early in order to enroll in January and participate in spring practice.  What happens to them should they decide to transfer; especially now that many schools have committed to other players?  Don’t ask Pete Carroll or Kiffin because neither one of them care.  Nor, apparently, do the stuffed shirts at the NCAA.

Cream Rising To Top In ACC

October 7, 2009 under College Football, Uncategorized

ACC Looks Like Three Team Race

Miami rebounded from a tough loss to Virginia Tech by staging a late comeback to beat Oklahoma 21-20. Virginia Tech did just enough to get by Duke while Georgia Tech impressed at Mississippi State.  Don’t know what’s become of Florida State who continued to flounder with a loss to BC.  The Eagles will identify themselves as contenders or pretenders this Saturday with a trip into Blacksburg to face the Hokies.va tech

Big 12 Gets Down to Business

It seems to have taken awhile, but Big 12 action finally begins this weekend along with the first big matchup of the conference season which kicks off tonight as Nebraska travels to Missouri.  Look for the Huskers, who’ve faced a tougher schedule, to steal away with a win. Disappointing matchups dot the rest of the slate; which should feature blowout victories by Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, Kansas and Texas Tech.  Keep an eye on that Oklahoma-Baylor matchup, however, as defending Heisman winner Sam Bradford, may return to action.

Can Cincinnati play for the title?

Don’t know how many BCS geeks would like to see it happen but the Bearcats continue on their march to the top of the rankings. They’ll enjoy a weekend off before heading to South Florida for what may be their only obstacle to an undefeated season. The Big East continued its stellar, out-of-conference, performance as West Virginia dumped Colorado and Cincy topped Miami of Ohio.  In Western NY, Syracuse football fans are beginning to identify with the frustration felt by Duke basketball fans over the last four years.  Greg Paulus is as weak a QB as he was a PG.

SEC Elite Continues to Flex Muscles

Pity poor Georgia.  Absolutely the toughest 3-2 team in the nation, they blew a 4th quarter lead last week and a shot to knock off #4 LSU and vault itself into the league title picture. They’ll head to Tennessee this week to see if Lane Kiffin’s boys can back up their talk.  The biggest matchup of the week features Florida at LSU.  Gator QB Tim Tebow’s status for the game is still uncertain, (have to think he’ll play), as is his ability to rebound from a concussion. A loss here won’t be fatal to Florida’s hopes for an SEC Championship, (they’re in the East; LSU and Bama in the West), but may derail their chance to repeat as National Champs.

Cal Bears Can’t Bear Tough Schedule

Who was the idiot that had California ranked #2 as late as two weeks ago?  Oh yeah, me.  That the Bears lost two straight to Oregon and USC is not nearly as surprising as the fact that they managed just six points.  Two field goals.  Well, as the Bears go to sleep for the winter, we’ll turn our attention to Halloween night, when the Ducks and the Trojans lock up to determine which goes to the Rose Bowl. In other action, Steve Sarkisian’s Huskies are nobody’s patsy this year, as proven by their close call in South Bend.  There may be no moral victories in football but a 2-3 record coming off a winless season is pretty close.  Don’t be surprised to see Stanford hanging around the top of the standings for most of the season.  They’re a scrappy bunch heading to Corvallis for a tough matchup with Oregon state this weekend.

Big Ten Football, Whether You Want It or Not

Did every producer at ESPN go to a Big Ten school?  Last Saturday, (every Saturday actually), four conference games were broadcast almost simultaneously by ESPN and its family of networks. Can’t tell you how exciting it was to watch Iowa, regarded as the league’s second best, hold off  perennial power Arkansas State 24-21. Really, guys.  Arkansas State?   Both Penn State and Illinois looked as disinterested as I was until someone whispered into JoePa’s hearing aid that Illinois is really bad and the Lions ran away in the 4th QTR while viewers who sat through Michigan-Michigan State still can’t decide which team played worse.  Looks like a cakewalk for the only legitimate power in the conference, Ohio State.

Boise’s Road to BCS Title Game Gets Shorter

Assuming Boise State can run the table and finish its season undefeated, there is a distinct and viable possibility that the Broncos will find themselves playing for a National Championship.  Currently ranked at #5 in the Coaches’ poll, they’ll see two of the four ahead of them drop out.  Alabama, Florida and LSU must all play each other, which will eliminate at least two.  Boise’s chances then come down to two matchups: Oklahoma-Texas and USC-Oregon.  If Oklahoma can beat Texas next Saturday, they’ll likely knock the Longhorns out of the Big 12 picture; just as Texas Tech did last season.  Then, if Oregon can hold off USC on Halloween, Boise can point to its own victory over the Ducks as reason for consideration.  A longshot, yes, but one we’re pulling for.  Houston ended its BCS dream in getting crushed by UTEP while Notre Dame continued to struggle with less than elite teams.  Honestly, when was the last time any ND team was 4-1 and unranked?  Their defense is non-existent.

CollegeSportsView.com’s  Top 25

1) Florida (4-0)
2) Texas (4-0)
3) Alabama (5-0)
4) LSU (5-0)
5) Boise State (5-0)
6) Cincinnati(5-0)
7) TCU (4-0)
8) USC (4-1)
9) Virginia Tech (4-1)
10)Ohio State (4-1)
11)Kansas (4-0)
12)South Florida
13)Oregon (4-1)
14)Mississippi (3-1)
15)Iowa (5-0)
16)Oklahoma State (3-1)
17)Miami (3-1)
18)Oklahoma (2-2)
19)Auburn (5-0)
20)Georgia (3-2)
21)Wisconsin (5-0)
22)Penn State (4-1)
23)BYU (4-1)
24)Missouri (4-0)
25)Nebraska (3-1)

Five Teams to Watch
Utah (3-1)
Georgia Tech (4-1)
South Carolina (4-1)
Boston College (4-1)
Nichols (2-3)



August 28, 2009 under College Football, Uncategorized

Think they take their football seriously in the SEC?  Most of this season’s Media Day was spent trying to determinesec-mini-pennant-set which coach didn’t vote Tim Tebow as the conference’s best quarterback.  Now, he was still the consensus pick as the league’s best, just not the unanimous one so, the investigation was launched.  Turns out it was South Carolina head man, Steve Spurrier, who pled ignorance to the fact that an aide had voted for someone other than Tebow.  Such is life in the SEC.

Heading into 2009, it’s hard to imagine Florida not repeating as National Champions, let alone Conference Champions.  However, two other coaches who have won national titles, Nick Saban of Alabama and Les Miles of LSU, may have something to say about Urban Meyer’s quest for a third ring. 

Can Houston Nutt build on last year’s momentum and guide Ole’ Miss past Florida?  Is Lane Kiffin all talk at Tennessee?  Check out our 2009 SEC Football Preview.


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